Diversity in the workforce and unconscious bias

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Last week Hiba Kanj and Joey Chung from  ALIA Multicultural facilitated a discussion on Stereotypes and unconcscious bias.

Two additional publications have just surfaced and are being shared as they closely align with the focus of the webinar conversation.

The first is research conducted over a two year period by Monash University and shared two days ago. This study confirms English sounding names get more call backs from job applications than ethnic sounding names.

The next publication is a blog post by CAVAL titled Diversity in Australian Libraries – Are we setting a positive example? This post examines the link and  strength of a diverse workforce for improved services for diverse communities.

The ALIA Workforce Diversity trend report of 2019 indicates there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done to achieve improved representation of diverse people across all levels in our profession.

ALIA Multicultural looks forward to deepening conversations on the importance of inclusion, cultural safety and a represenative diverse workforce for improved Multicultural services and workplaces.

Watch the webinar again and engage in the reading list provided.

Reading list 

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