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The danger of a single story*

I want to reflect on the first year of ALIA Multicultural. Yes, it has been a year since the group was launched, with a dedicated mission of advocacy in the Library Information Sector (LIS) space for multicultural diversity needs of staff and community with a cross-sector focus. I draw attention and applaud the LIS sector’s ability to embrace the identity of being a connector and enabler of diverse experience and stories. This is a conduit to building...

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Health information for Multicultural Communities

ALIA Multicultural hosted the Health information for Multicultural Communities webinar on August 25th. With more than 7 million people reporting that they were born overseas in the 2021 Census and 5.8 million people using a language other than English at home this was a timely event. Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia (FECCA) dedicated their 56th issue of Mosaic Matters to Multicultural Health Matters with topics ranging from the Covid-19 health response, Mental Health,...

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Diversity in the workforce and unconscious bias

Last week Hiba Kanj and Joey Chung from  ALIA Multicultural facilitated a discussion on Stereotypes and unconcscious bias. Two additional publications have just surfaced and are being shared as they closely align with the focus of the webinar conversation. The first is research conducted over a two year period by Monash University and shared two days ago. This study confirms English sounding names get more call backs from job applications than ethnic sounding names. The next publication is a...

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Stereotypes: When Assumptions are the Mothers of All ****-Ups

Stereotypes are everywhere and they might affect our decisions and perceptions in the workplace. In the first ALIA Multicultural webinar, we will discuss stereotypes and the unconscious bias. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your eye-rolling stereotype experiences with the group, put yourself in other people's shoes, and break some stereotypes together.     ALIA Multicultural are keen to have an open discussion about multicultural stereotypes. Even in the welcoming and egalitarian...

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What is the most eye rolling stereotype you have ever encountered?

What is the most eye-rolling stereotype you have ever encountered?  by Joey Chung and Hiba Kanj There is a famous saying among some international students that the Australian accent is the hardest English they have ever heard. It is because Australians say “ay” as “ie”, so in Australia we say, “Today is a good day” as “To die is a good die.” Ask yourself, as a fellow Australian, do you speak like that? There is a high chance that you do not. This is a stereotype. Stereotypes are everywhere and...

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