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ALIA National Conference: A Reflection

Reflection on representing ALIA Multicultural at ALIA National by My Van Nguyen Dang In May this year I was given the opportunity to attend and speak at the National ALIA Conference in Adelaide. I was representing my organisation along with 2 colleagues, presenting about one of our most long running community programs, the Talking Faith? Forum. Then Mare (Convenor of ALIA Multicultural) asked if I could represent our ALIA Multicultural group on a panel discussion, I was reassured that another...

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Reading Australian literature in Chinese

Australia has a vibrant publishing industry that is estimated to have a market size of more than $1.7 billion. Australian publications, fiction and non-fiction, provide windows to understanding the nation and the people of Australia. In a recent survey with 1,152 publishing authors in Australia, 34% indicated that their work has been translated in a language other than English (Crosby et al., 2022). Among the languages of translation, 30.6% of authors said that their work has been translated...

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From Stereotype to Empathy to Inclusion

ALIA Disability and ALIA Multicultural collaborated to plan and deliver a pre-conference workshop at ALIA National 2024 on Monday 6 May 2024.The workshop was booked out and thirty six enthusiastic attendees joined facilitators Amy Rake (ALIA Disability) and Joey Chung (ALIA Multicultural) for “From Stereotype to Empathy to Inclusion: How Diversity can bring Strength to the LIS Workforce”. This workshop aimed to explore diversity in the LIS workforce and the importance of learning from the...

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The danger of a single story*

I want to reflect on the first year of ALIA Multicultural. Yes, it has been a year since the group was launched, with a dedicated mission of advocacy in the Library Information Sector (LIS) space for multicultural diversity needs of staff and community with a cross-sector focus. I draw attention and applaud the LIS sector’s ability to embrace the identity of being a connector and enabler of diverse experience and stories. This is a conduit to building...

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Health information for Multicultural Communities

ALIA Multicultural hosted the Health information for Multicultural Communities webinar on August 25th. With more than 7 million people reporting that they were born overseas in the 2021 Census and 5.8 million people using a language other than English at home this was a timely event. Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia (FECCA) dedicated their 56th issue of Mosaic Matters to Multicultural Health Matters with topics ranging from the Covid-19 health response, Mental Health,...

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