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Stereotypes: When Assumptions are the Mothers of All ****-Ups

Stereotypes are everywhere and they might affect our decisions and perceptions in the workplace. In the first ALIA Multicultural webinar, we will discuss stereotypes and the unconscious bias. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your eye-rolling stereotype experiences with the group, put yourself in other people's shoes, and break some stereotypes together.     ALIA Multicultural are keen to have an open discussion about multicultural stereotypes. Even in the welcoming and egalitarian...

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What is the most eye rolling stereotype you have ever encountered?

What is the most eye-rolling stereotype you have ever encountered?  by Joey Chung and Hiba Kanj There is a famous saying among some international students that the Australian accent is the hardest English they have ever heard. It is because Australians say “ay” as “ie”, so in Australia we say, “Today is a good day” as “To die is a good die.” Ask yourself, as a fellow Australian, do you speak like that? There is a high chance that you do not. This is a stereotype. Stereotypes are everywhere and...

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Linguistic Prejudice

This month we invite you to consider Linguistic Prejudice. Consider the impact on diverse communities we connect with and our diverse colleagues in our workplaces.  This post is a contribution from Lisa Lynch, Policy and Research Librarian, ALIA. ALIA Multicultural welcomes contributions with a Multicultural focus. To contribute you can send us an email via the contact us form in our website Linguistic prejudice: Do you hear what I hear? By Lisa Lynch, Policy and Research Librarian, ALIA Are...

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Visibility As Inclusion

ALIA Multicultural first meeting for 2023 The ALIA Multicultural group came together for their first meeting at the end of February and welcomed the group members. We are currently going through the consultation survey and will be reaching out to all who expressed interest to be  involved. An invite will be sent out soon for our upcoming meetings so stay tuned. If you would like to participate in the group please send an email to us via our contact details on the website.ALIA Multicultural is...

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Webinar and Launching into 2023

ALIA Multicultural launching forward to 2023 November 22nd 2022 saw the official launch of the ALIA Multicultural group, with numerous Library staff from across Australia invited to “Come to the Table” via webinar. Our key speaker, Professor Joseph Lo Bianco, AM (Professor Emeritus in Language and Literacy Education at the Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne) headlined the event, inspiring discussions of multilingualism in Australia and the challenges Libraries’ face in...

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