Stereotypes: When Assumptions are the Mothers of All ****-Ups

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Stereotypes are everywhere and they might affect our decisions and perceptions in the workplace. In the first ALIA Multicultural webinar, we will discuss stereotypes and the unconscious bias. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your eye-rolling stereotype experiences with the group, put yourself in other people’s shoes, and break some stereotypes together.    

ALIA Multicultural are keen to have an open discussion about multicultural stereotypes. Even in the welcoming and egalitarian world of libraries, stereotypes and unconscious bias can occur, and it’s important we keep trying to improve our understanding and responses. This event is an opportunity to share stories – good, bad, funny and objectively awful. Whether you have experienced being stereotyped or are wanting to improve your understanding of our wonderful multicultural communities in Australia, this promises to be a highly engaging and informative event.

Biographies of Facilitators

Joey Chung

Joey was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Australia in 2004. A self-proclaimed crazy librarian, who likes to spice up the library tour and presentation with a sense of humour.  Joey has been working towards breaking stereotypes since joining Holmesglen Institute as an Information Services Librarian in 2011. Introducing Ereserves (online course readings storage) to their liaison area with a successful strong uptake by the bachelor’s degree. A few years later, Joey becomes a Website and Systems Librarian, managing the library website, Library Management System, RFID system, and supporting the Discovery Layer. Major achievement is launching the first Institutional Repository in Victorian TAFE sector in 2016.

Hiba Kanj

Hiba is a Team Leader at Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library and is passionate about connecting communities. Libraries are fabulous places to do this. Hiba has been at the forefront of community development throughout her career working in a variety of roles in Libraries and Community Centres and the development of the new Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library and PHIVE, Parramatta’s newest Library and civic centre.


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