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ALIA Multicultural first meeting for 2023

The ALIA Multicultural group came together for their first meeting at the end of February and welcomed the group members. We are currently going through the consultation survey and will be reaching out to all who expressed interest to be  involved. An invite will be sent out soon for our upcoming meetings so stay tuned. If you would like to participate in the group please send an email to us via our contact details on the website.

ALIA Multicultural is calling all libraries to participate in #VisibilityAsInclusion

Can our diverse communities see themselves reflected in programming, shelf displays, author talks, information sessions, consultations, language and images in our spaces. Where are language collections located in your library spaces and collections. How visible are our diverse communities in our spaces and how well do we represent and reflect the diversity around?

It is always a good idea to consider these questions and position ourselves to look at our spaces with this in mind.

It’s time to celebrate the efforts of libraries across the sector. When we see ouselves reflected we feel welcome.

What better way to demonstrate our welcoming and inclusive libraries than promote #VisibilityAsInclusion via images where you can #showusyourshelves and displays, share programming highlights and promote diversity focussed services.

ALIA Multicultural has been sharing images of various libraries via our social media platforms and will continue to promote all libraries that share their ideas on this theme. To participate post an image with the tag #VisibilityAsInclusion and tag ALIA Multicultural. You can also use the tags #ShowUsYourShelves. Images posted to social media will be shared and celebrated as part of #VisibilityAsInclusion.

ALIA Multicultural will continue to feature library services in celebration of this focus and select a winner at the end of 2023.

So what are you waiting for? start posting and celebrate #VisibilityAsInclsuion

Latrobe City Libraries x Centre for Multicultural Youth Podcast LaunchTwo people in a podcast studio

 In February Latrobe City Libraries officially opened their first podcast studio to the public. While everybody in the community was welcomed to the event, the Gippsland Youth Advisory Group (YAG) from Centre for Multicultural Youth were the celebrated guests.

Having decided they wanted to create a podcast in 2022, Latrobe City Libraries collaborated with the YAG and a podcasting expert through four workshops at the Moe Library covering narrative development, recording, sound editing and releasing.

The end result is a fantastic podcast, Double Standards, which covers different perspectives on topics ranging from pop culture to social justice issues through the eyes of young, regional, multicultural folk. You can hear the first episode on Spotify and follow for new episodes coming soon.

The studio will be accessible to the whole community at no cost, and to businesses at a low rate and it is hoped that this technology will help continue the rich traditions of oral storytelling on this land.

You can book the Moe podcasting studio here.

You can find out more about Centre for Multicultural Youth here.


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